about us

AerioConnect, one of the fastest growing companies in Southern California, is foremost a provider of leading edge IP communication services to Multiple Dwelling and Multiple Tenant Units, such as apartments, condos, lofts, and business office buildings. Utilizing a 10G fiber backbone, AerioConnect delivers high-speed Internet, voice over IP phone service with unified communications, and TV service to over 180 residential and office buildings in the greater Los Angeles area.

>Why Choose Us ?

    •  Blazing Fast: Whether it is 10M, 20M, 30M, 100M, or 1G, we offer one of the fastest Internet speeds at very affordable prices.
    •  Instant Scalable Upgrades: Based on the workload needed, customer can instantly upgrade their Internet speed from 10M to 100M.
    •  Ethernet or Fiber Delivery: Dial-up, DSL, cable, and T1’s are all outdated delivery methods. AerioConnect network is 100% Ethernet-based infrastructure eliminating modems or other equipment needed.
    • No Upfront Phone Equipment Cost: With traditional phone systems, businesses often spend $5000 or more on phone equipment. With AerioConnect Phone Service, there is no upfront equipment cost, plus we will provide all phones, switches, and other equipment with a very small lease fee.
    • Empowering Conversations: AerioConnect Phone Service allows you to work smarter, conduct business anywhere, anytime. From hosted VoIP phone service, to hosted contact center, to unified communications, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and much less expensive than the traditional solution.
    • Personalized Support: AerioConnect provides local and personalized support to all our customers.
    • Stable Growth: AerioConnect has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. Since its inception, AerioConnect has been expanding throughout Southern California at a rapid rate.


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